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We all have an Earthly Angel

My name is Carolyn Benjamin, and I am a Christian author who resides in South Carolina. I am a wife to my lovely husband of 34 years and a mother to three children. I love helping others and spreading God’s word. I am very passionate about caring for and helping the elderly and have been dedicated to taking care of the elderly for over 20 years. I love reading my bible, spending time with family and friends, and making people feel special.

Some fun facts about me are growing up; I thought Michael Jackson would be my husband. I always wanted to sing but can’t carry a tune. Most people don’t know, but I’m very good at playing spades. I enjoy watching Christmas movies all year round and just started liking the new show Bridgerton. For fun, I like having game nights playing spades with my family, going for walks, and spending time and playing with my grandson.

I began writing Earthly Angel: Michael’s First Day of School when God woke me out of my sleep in 2016 and gave me the story to write. I never knew how it would get published, and the manuscript sat in my dresser until the Fall of 2019. With the assistance of my daughter, I was able to get the process going. I never question God’s timing, even though it took some time for Earthly Angel to come to life.

God allowed me to write about a little boy named Michael and how he got through the nerves of going to school for the very first time. Becoming an author has allowed me to reach people in my hometown and all over the world. I have been able to give back by donating copies of my book to put smiles on people’s faces. Given the opportunity to publish the story God had given me, selling one book was a dream come true.

What I have coming next is publishing an Earthly Angel series of different events Michael has to face for the very time. The goal behind the series is to continue to promote to children and adults regardless of what life throws at you; you are never alone in your life journey. God will always send an Earthly Angel your way to help you out in your time of need. To keep up with me, please follow my Earthly Angel Facebook Page @earthlyangel2020 and Twitter Page @Carolyn58889629.

Earthly Angel can be purchased at The Literacy Shop.

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