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Delayed not Denied

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Ka'Trina began writing poems in elementary school. Later, during high school, she became interested in writing raps and performing in two local female rap groups in St. Louis, MO. She was also a mainstay guest on a local radio station's "Roll Call Rap Show," hosted by the 80's/90's radio personality, Rod King, aka Dr. Jockenstein. Ka'Trina did not initially set out to become an author. Her journey as an author evolved from her love and passion for reading novels. In her early twenties, Ka'Trina and a friend were discussing colorism in the African-American communities. The discussion was so thought-provoking, she decided to write a poem. The poem never materialized. Instead, the manuscript for her first book began to evolve. She was encouraged at that time by her community college instructor to published it. She was instantly faced by her ex-boyfriend, a dream-snatcher who never offered kind words and told her no one wanted to read her book. Feeling defeated, Ka'Trina placed her manuscript in a box, misplaced & forgotten for a couple of decades. Fast forward to a conversation she had with colleagues about her long-forgotten manuscript. They urged and supported her to complete her book journey. Alas, a dream deferred was not a dream denied! Her second book was a very quick process. Ka'Trina's children's book was written to engage and equip children to identify their personal strengths. The book includes strategies to assist students in becoming accountable for their learning and to help them understand that they each have something important to offer in every class or situation. Ka'Trina was able to incorporate self-representation with students who look like her family and the students she teaches. Ka'Trina intertwined her passion for hip-hop, and the book has a hip-hop rhythmic flow. Ka'Trina is currently an educator in Decatur, GA. Ka'Trina was born in St. Louis, MO., and currently resides in Atlanta with her husband, Adebajo. Although Ka'Trina enjoys being an empty-nester, she equally loves being Gee-Ma, traveling, & spending time with her four beautiful grandchildren (Angelo III, Antonio II, Aaliyah & Kamiyah). Lastly, what's new in 2021? Ka'Trina and her husband are planning a trip to Nigeria, and she is currently working on her third book discussing the challenges & celebrations of two cultures coming together.

Authorpreneur Ka'Trina H. Onasanya has written and self-published two books under her company, Writeous Images, LLC. One is an adult novel, "A Rainbow Across St. Louis Skies: A Single Mom's Urban Journey for a Slice of the American Pie (2017), and "Tre and TJ In The Mix: Turn Up Your Brain Power" (2018).

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