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Our Story

The Literacy Shop was birthed from several conversations between it's owner Leslie Crawford and a couple of elementary school kids. When Leslie was a substitute teacher for two school years at one Baltimore County school, she would have several conversations with her students. Over the two years Leslie was able to get know each student. During one conversation, Leslie asked a group, why didn't they like reading books? Their response was "there are no books that I can relate to." From this one conversation, Leslie's love of writing and her passion for literacy; The Literacy Shop was birthed. 

Here at The Literacy Shop our goal is to get kids excited about reading again. We promise to provide books and other products that are focused on literacy, self-esteem, confidence and understanding reading can be cool. 

Our mission: The Literacy Shop seeks to create and promote products that will lead children and youth back to the love of reading. We will strive to offer various products and services to help fight the reading literacy problems many kids are facing. The Literacy Shop is based off the love of reading and writing and will always remain honest and geared towards helping children and youth of all ages.

To learn more about our book writing program for children please visit us at

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